Fourteen naturally flavored varieties.

Enduring quality. When Aladdin makes a wrap and tortilla, we do it differently than the competition. While cracking, sticking, and breaking is acceptable to our competition, it is NOT acceptable to Aladdin. Open, use, close bag, repeat. Simple. Quality.

Whether you purchase our 6", 8", or 10" tortillas, - or our 12" wraps - our variety of flavors set us apart from our competitors. We have fourteen flavors available; plain, garlic pesto, red roasted pepper, garden spinach, whole wheat, sundried tomato-basil, Caesar, southeastern, black bean, jalapeno, jalapeno cheddar, lemon cilantro, rye, and sourdough.

Our wraps are shelf stable for 60 days at room temperature, or one year frozen. You can store or ship the product dry or frozen. Whichever way you choose to handle it, you have 60 days at room temperature in which to use or sell the product.

And quality actually costs less too. What is the cost of making a wrap that breaks as you're rolling it? Well, consider the loss of the fillings; cold-cuts, cheese, etc… now add the cost of your labor - it's in there too! Now, add the cost of the tortilla. Most of our major competitors stick or crack 10-12% of the time! Imagine the cost!!! Cost "in-the-door" is less important than cost "out-the-door". You can offer Aladdin's superior quality and variety of flavors to your customers… with a lower final cost!

Great baker. Great products. Great company.